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Dr. Selena R Mack

Hi! My name is Dr Selena Mack and I am the owner of Wind Beneath Life Coaching. In June of 1994 I found myself having a personal emotional conversation with a police officer who had responded to a call after a neighbor witnessed my abuse. However this officer had  lived in my shoes of domestic dispute with someone she trusted. This officer may not know it but she changed my life. She explained to me how I had to make my own choices of leaving my current situation for my protection and happiness not based on my cult life living parents  or a book that has pages that I should understand for myself. This allowed me to start my journey of better understanding freewill and my ability to live a life that had true meaning and understanding for me not others. After learning more about self-awareness: a rebirth for me, it gave me strength and dignity after experiencing abuse and feeling like I was trapped without a voice or soul. 

 I decided I wanted to assist others in becoming aware of their own thoughts and self-control.  I studied life coaching at The Anu Practice where I received my doctorates degree in life coaching. It is my passion to help others take back control of their lives and live as free as they can. 


What is freewill?

Freewill is about taking control over your life. It is about Making decisions that are best suited for you without worry that you will be condemned or judged. Sometimes this is hard for people who are religious or have been in abusive relationships. Take back your control and feel the wind beneath your wings

6 week freewill awareness program

Look back

Your journey all starts with understanding freewill and what it means to you. We will look at your beliefs and decide what you want to leave behind.

Take a moment

Now that you have decided what you want to leave it is time to replace those beliefs with new ones. These are beliefs you will take on your journey.

Feel the wind

As you start to implement your new lifestyle we are here to support you. We will encourage you and cheer you on as you start to feel the wind beneath your wings.


“She has cared for my wife several times. We both LOVE her. She was always on time, and went above and beyond was was merely necessary”

Lonnie F
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